Investigation into Mercs213 (Goodolddownloads)

Investigation into Mercs213 (Goodolddownloads)

Investigation into Mercs213 (Goodolddownloads)

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– I do not intend to write these things. But there are some who still ask and advise me to explain, so I think I should say something. If you are a longtime member here, you will know my words are not good, I’m not like someone who is good at persuading others.

– First of all, I do not know why so many people are easily deceived, when they hear a story from someone on the internet, and they believe it is 100% true, are you same? At least we should think before confirming something, don’t let your hands faster than the brain.

– I will start the story, I think I should start from a few months or a year ago, I do not remember correctly. When I was still working as usual, I received an email from Mercs that sent over 1337 why I had stolen his game. @_@ … I did not even pay attention to his site at the time, when I visited, there were only GOG games, and he want to say all GOG games on the internet from him. Some games from Razor released were GOG, when I uploaded him also insisted it was his, and he accused me of stealing the game on the rin forum without leaving a credit. Oh, did you know that my friend and Moderator uploaded the game through the contact channel, how did I know who it was? And one more thing, if someone shares a game on the internet, that means you want to share it with everyone, any site admin can get it. I said quite well, if you donate the game to us, even if it’s only worth $1, I still leave your credit here, I don’t care about the value of the game, I just want to say thanks you for your support, even some members told me that they don’t need credit. And later conversations allude to saying that his site is the best. He told me not to place ads and make a profit because I just stole games on the internet and from the Scene. LOL, you think we are a charity or a nonprofit organization. And he said he would knock me down. I ignored his messages later, because he seemed like a kid. (he deleted the mailbox from his 1337 account, so I also can not find it in my account). For anyone who says I’ve never bought a game:


– Some time later, I received an email from Mod on reddit saying that someone was spamming our site to advertise:


– I never even had an account on reddit, and I never used it except someone shared a reddit link with me. One of the spam accounts is named LOL, I’m not even stupid to put my name on account and spam everywhere, besides that this site is quite large, I do not need a small amount of traffic by dirty like this. Can you guess who is doing this? People who regularly use reddit to advertise their site.

– About 1 month ago I received an email from the member saying that reddit alert my site inserted the virus into the cookies of the user’s computer. OMG, I laughed, they did not even know what cookies were and how it worked. You can not get the virus if you only visit any site in the world, the virus needs to be downloaded and activated to infect. If I could inject a virus into your computer just by making you visit the site, I think I was rich. (You search google on what is Cookies, you will laugh like me). Even then they even said that I use them to mining crypto money. Remember, I never, and will never use crypto money, I’m not the same as some people advise users to mining crypto money with their CPU, it only causes their CPUs reduce life expectancy rapidly. I do not deny my site has a lot of annoying ads, but I still hope you support us this way, I think it does not take too long when you only need 1-2 seconds to turn off the ad annoying? Some people are easy to fool.

– And now, I will talk about the main topic, I saw Mercs write on his website that I had harmed him. And many believe in this. Do you think, if I shut down this site, and say that Mercs harmed me, how would you react?

People say that I have tampered with AntiPiracy to report his site:

– Here are a few of the reports that he sent:

– This is a report that people think I have sent to harm his site:

You see the day, do you see which one comes first?

– And let me also say that I do not send fake reports to his site, because it is pointless. I have worked long time on the internet, I afford to analyze the site, you look at this metric

– Since January, his site has been unable to grow (only 5% of searches, which is too small for a small site), he does not know how to optimize the site, so his site hardly be found on the search engines. Then why do I report fake his site, who benefits after this?


– Luckily, some of the admins of other sites have emailed and let me know that they have proof that Mercs has tampered with those reports, some talk to the admins of other sites:

One of the admins of the other websites warned him on lume page


– I also soon learned that he will close his page, you can see on 1337, the last torrent he uploaded is October 23:


– After I heard some Mods on my site announcing someone was trying to spam at the time, I took a look back at history:

– He created a new account and spam on my site to mislead that the hackers of Ukraine are doing this xD


– After many times I did not care, he finally said:


– I only send a warning to him once, and I do not care what he does. From the beginning, he saw me as his enemy, although I did not care about him before. Why do I need to do dirty things to lower such a small site? (sorry, it’s not small, but it’s very small), his site only has about <100 people online at the same time, it’s too small. Most of the other websites have more than 2000-3000 people online at the same time. If I want to use these dirty ways to move forward, why I don’t harm many sites like skidrowreloaded, skidrow-games, cracked-game, pcgamedownload, oceanofgames, Page numbers have been running since 2013 or 2014. They are a lot bigger than his Gooodolddownloads site, which is a direct competitor for me… Not, me and them are not as dirty as him.

Thank you for reading. I said in an overview, think your way. Do not believe completely in one direction, you should think before confirming something, especially on the internet.

To be fair, I will share some information about Mercs213, I really do not want to do this, but he has chosen so:



Remember people, even if you used a lot of stuff to hide information, but you still have loopholes, even I have some passwords for some of his accounts (he is very careful, because he uses random passwords), but who knows. It only takes a day to find this information on the internet. To Mercs, you are the most dirty liar I’ve ever met.

  • Internet name: Mercs213
  • Real Name: Brandon Mcginnis
  • Age: 25
  • Address: 10430 N Virginia Ave Kansas City, MO 64155
  • Phone number (He use from his family):
  • 816-277-7441
  • 816-734-7314
  • 816-590-8877
  • … (Many)
  • His facebook (Just deleted):
  • Family facebook:
  • … (Many)
  • Steam Account (Current Changed name, but you still look at discuss quote and history):
  • Press Ctrl+F, search Mercs213: 
  • History:  (name Brandon M.)
  • Instagram (just deleted):
  • I still have a lot of his information, but I will keep it until I need to use it
Again, you should think to confirm everything you read. I’m not stupid to harm a tiny website like him to head. I still do not know why he treats me like his enemy, maybe since he started the website, he was aiming at the biggest website and considered it his enemy.

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